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Finding the perfect photographer can be a challenge and we know your doing you research to find the best fit for your needs. It is a huge decision to trust someone for capturing the moments of such important events.  Thank you for your interest and for considering Emily Elizabeth Photography. 


Photographers share a love for the camera, and taking pictures is a very exciting part of our job! However, that’s a small part of it and we know that investing our time in editing can turn a beautiful picture into an exceptional one! We shoot in raw mode, to assure the highest quality image, and 10 hours or more are spent editing each session to make sure you get the perfect coloring, and imperfections are minimized allowing you to look your absolute best, while still looking like you!

We take our time to really get to know our clients so their session will be as unique as they are! No two sessions are alike, and we want this to be a great experience for all. Prior to your session we will discuss wardrobe, location, and we will get to know your personality and interests to ensure we capture who you are during you session.

The studio offers a variety of boutique and heirloom quality products, such as keepsake image boxes, luxurious canvases, and custom designed signature albums. We only offer the best so you can rest assured that your products will stand the test of time.



It is important that during your shoot you relax and have fun.  It is our job to make you feel comfortable.  We will do this by giving you different ideas and different instructions during the session.  It has been our experience that some of the best photos are ones that are candid.  This is because when we capture a candid shot it is when you are most relaxed.


About two weeks (maybe sooner) after your session your photos should be ready to view.  This is known as a viewing and proofing gallery.  We will agree on a time to meet.  During this time, we will show you all of the pictures that were taken and explain to you all of the collections and a la carte options that are offered.  There are many options so it should not 

be too difficult to find one that will be suit your needs.  


Once you have viewed all of your photos and decided on which ones you would like to order it is then time for us to complete a final edit on the images.  It is our policy to only release images that have been fully edited.  What this means to you is that all of the images have been retouched, prepped and made perfect for the world to see. Now that your order has been placed you should have your package within a timeframe of three to four weeks.